1. What is the role of the Managing Agent?

A Managing Agent performs the day-to-day powers, duties and functions of a Management Corporation which has been delegated to them, except for any restricted matters which may only be decided by the Management Corporation in a general meeting.

2. How can I replace the Managing Agent?

Check if the Managing Agent was appointed by the Management Corporation at a general meeting or by the council of the Management Corporation in a council meeting. If the Managing Agent was appointed at a general meeting, the Management Corporation may terminate the appointment of its Managing Agent only via a general meeting.

3. What determines the amount of maintenance contribution payable?

The amount of maintenance contribution payable is determined by the share value assigned to the lot, which may be affected by factors such as size of the unit, type of use of unit and the number of facilities in a development. In addition, this amount is reviewed every year at the Annual General Meeting.

4. Is there any restriction in the timeline to convene an Annual General Meeting?

Under section 27(1) of the BMSMA, after the first Annual General Meeting has been held, an Annual General Meeting of a Management Corporation shall be held in each calendar year and not more than 15 months after the holding of the last preceding Annual General Meeting.

5. Do your recommend integrated facilities management?

We believe in focusing on what we do best and to leave the ancillary services to the professionals. Having said that, with wealth of experience and having worked with plenty of service providers, we are able to provide recommendations from our own accredited panel of service providers with proven track records and performance.

6. Can an eligible subsidiary proprietor sit in the council as an office bearer perpetually?

All council members automatically vacate their office as a member at the end of the next Annual General Meeting of the Management Corporation or upon election at a general meeting of another person to that office. Under the prevailing guidelines, only the treasurer’s position is restricted. A person holding office as a treasurer must not hold office for 3 consecutive terms.

7. Can I attend a council meeting if I am not a council member?

Subsidiary proprietors are entitled to attend a meeting of the council of the Management Corporation but may not address the meeting except with the permission of the council.

8. Is the decision of council members at a council meeting final?

Under section 58(1) of the BMSMA, any decision taken by the council in a council meeting is considered as the decision of the Management Corporation. This is provided that the council does not decide on any restricted matter.

In addition, a quorum must be met at all times during the council meeting when decisions are made. Where any motion is put to a council for decision making, a decision is considered to be made only when the majority of the members voting on that matter votes in favour of that motion.

9. I have submitted a suggestion addressed to the Secretary of the Management Corporation but my suggestion is being ignored. What can I do?

Under the first schedule, paragraph 12(1) of the BMSMA, any subsidiary proprietor may, by notice in writing, make a requisition to table a motion in the upcoming general meeting of the Management Corporation for fellow subsidiary proprietors to discuss on the issue.